Mexican Riviera

Mexican Riviera
Those gigantic aquamarine waves have forever provided that primal, pulsating rhythm that backs any visit to Mexico's Central Pacific Coast, a land of stunning beaches and giant sunsets.

Here, you can lounge on the sand and spy humpback whales breaching on the horizon, pelicans flying in formation or a pod of dlphins rising from the waves. Surf world-class breaks, kayak through mangrove-fringed lagoons, munch fresh lobster in ramshackle fishing villages, or hang onto the back of a pickup packed with locals roaring inland toward the blue silhouette of the lofty Sierra Madre. Or switch into lounge mode, margarita in hand, poolside, at a world-class luxury hotel.

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  • L.O.A.: 22.5 m
  • Shipyard: Princess
  • Built: 2012
  • Guests (Sleeping): 8
  • Starting at:
    28.000,00 €
    Minimal quantity: 1