South of Italy


Desire for La Dolce Vita? Let yourself be inspired by the South of Italy from the Amalfi Coast to Sicily then through Sardinia. Land of art, tradition, history, mysticism, amazing food and friendly people, the South of Italy is the quintessence of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

When to go

April to October

High season

July - August

First, the Amalfi Coast, where the seascapes are among the most memorable in the world. Ports include Capri, which is one of the most chic destinations on the area, and Naples, which is the birthplace of pizza. Smaller towns such as Positano have evolved from early days as fishing villages into sought-after enclaves for celebrity getaways. Charters can also be arranged around the Italian islands: Sardinia and Sicily. Both islands boast ancient ruins from the Phoenician and Roman eras, as well as statues and churches that date to the Middle Ages. Explore the region’s rich history from the comfort of a luxury charter yacht, which also provides easy access to modern restaurants and shops.