Barbados has it all: beach resorts from humble to grand, smashing nightlife, a Unesco World Heritage capitol, Bridgetown, a beautiful interior dotted with gardens, wild surf on the lonely east coast and a proud and welcoming populace.

Without question, Barbados is the "most British" island in the Caribbean. Afternoon tea is a ritual, cricket is the national pastime, and dressing for dinner is a firmly entrenched tradition. And yet, Barbados is hardly stuffy—this is still the Caribbean, after all. Rather, Barbados is a sophisticated tropical island with a rich history, lodgings to suit every taste and pocketbook, and plenty to pique your interest both day and night.

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  • L.O.A.: 20.75m (68' 1")
  • Shipyard: Princess
  • Built: 2008
  • Guests (Sleeping): 6
  • Starting at:
    16.957,78 €
    Minimal quantity: 1
  • L.O.A.: 18.29m (60')
  • Shipyard: Sunreef Yachts
  • Built: 2013
  • Guests (Sleeping): 8
  • Starting at:
    26.284,55 €
    Minimal quantity: 1