• Selling a yacht: what are the key steps ?
    23 August 2018 riaadmin Decoration

    You purchased a luxury yacht a while ago and are thinking about selling it now? It’s important to follow a few key steps to boost canvassing and get your boat to market faster. The experts at Neo Yachting are here to give you a few tips and tricks to ensure a smooth and successful yacht … Continue reading "Selling a yacht: what are the key steps ?"

  • The best yachting destinations for a dream vacation
    16 June 2021 riaadmin Decoration

    Summer is coming and so are the summer vacations. Do you want to live an exceptional experience in total luxury? Why not opt for yachting ? You will discover exceptional destinations with a new eye and above all nature in its purest state. Neoyachting, your online yachting website, has put together a top 3 list of … Continue reading "The best yachting destinations for a dream vacation"

  • For this summer, yachting on the French Riviera
    4 June 2021 riaadmin Decoration

    The French Riviera is a great place for yachting. With its many places around which it is easy to sail, the French Riviera is one of the favorite places for yachting enthusiasts. But what are the advantages of this place and especially what is it that people like so much to come to the French coast … Continue reading "For this summer, yachting on the French Riviera"

  • Traveling on a yacht for luxury vacations after Covid-19
    31 May 2021 riaadmin Decoration

    With the epidemic of Covid-19 that has disrupt people’s life habits, travelling has become very complicated. Avoiding contacts, paying attention to the risks of transmissions, this is what allowed a new style of travel to impose itself: yachting which presents many advantages and not only related to the virus.

  • Neo Yachting team attends the ECPY open day!
    28 May 2021 Julia Chebbi Decoration

    After three unfortunate cancellations due to the pandemic situation, Neo Yachting is pleased to be part of the ECPY Open Day on June 2nd 2021. The team is ready to use all their knowledge to inspect the yachts in order to suggest the best ones to their clients whether it is for charter or for sale. … Continue reading "Neo Yachting team attends the ECPY open day!"

  • I want to travel aboard a yacht: should I buy or charter one ?
    21 May 2021 riaadmin Decoration

    Are you interested in yachting  and want to go on the trip of your dreams aboard a luxury superyacht to enjoy the peace and quiet? You are wondering whether it would be better to buy or charter a yachtfor your vacation. Neoyachting, your yacht website, will help you make your decision with some simple advice.