• Selling a yacht: what are the key steps ?
    23 August 2018 riaadmin Decoration

    You purchased a luxury yacht a while ago and are thinking about selling it now? It’s important to follow a few key steps to boost canvassing and get your boat to market faster. The experts at Neo Yachting are here to give you a few tips and tricks to ensure a smooth and successful yacht … Continue reading "Selling a yacht: what are the key steps ?"

  • A refit for Kateriina!
    30 March 2021 Julia Chebbi Decoration

    M/Y Katariina has just been refitted! The woody floor of her living area is completely new and a tone darker than before which makes the fournitures stand out. The pillows on the sofa are more stylish and bring some more design to the saloon. All cabins have also been refitted with a honeycomb print style. The … Continue reading "A refit for Kateriina!"

  • Bodrum, Turkey
    29 March 2021 riaadmin Decoration

    Located in the province of Mugla, Bodrum is also known as « the Turkish Saint Tropez ». The lively city is an increasingly popular luxury destination. Due to its luxury hotels, beach club and food scene, Bodrum is the stopover of a lot of world-renowned millionaires! The city features twin bays with views of Bodrum Castle and … Continue reading "Bodrum, Turkey"

  • Bonifacio, Corsica
    29 March 2021 riaadmin Decoration

    Bonifacio is a place where the landscapes are breathtaking! Located in the South of Corsica, its multiple cliffs are the most beautiful of the island. On one of them rests its famous medieval citadel and the 187-step Staircase of the King of Argon. Bonifacio is also famous for its lively marina located between two cliffs, … Continue reading "Bonifacio, Corsica"

  • The Maldives
    29 March 2021 riaadmin Decoration

    Ideally located in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives are one of the most beautiful destinations on earth! Well known for its crystal clear waters, its good weather, and its spectacular sunset, the Maldives is also world-famous for its amazing myriad of marine life. The Indian Ocean is full of colorful arrays of corals, sea turtles, … Continue reading "The Maldives"

  • 85m BOLD inspected in September, booked in December.
    4 February 2021 Julia Chebbi Decoration

    BOLD is one of the largest explorer yacht for charter. She accomodates up to 16 guests and 20 crew members including a professional masseuse. Her endless list of toys offers electric foil boards, water skis, transparent kayaks, floating island and so much more! BOLD is currently positionned in the Maldives for the winter. Contact us … Continue reading "85m BOLD inspected in September, booked in December."