Famous for being the connection between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans through its canal, Panama is a multicultural country with stable economy and politics. The Pacific coastline of Panama is vast, extending from the Chiriqui province in the west of the country through to the Pearl Islands some 100 km southeast of Panama City.

When to go

December - mid April

High season

January - mid April

Panama’s coastline stretches for hundreds of kilometers along both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, with over a thousand islands just offshore. The beaches can vary greatly depending on the area. Some have soft white sand and border calm turquoise water that is perfect for swimming. Others have grey or black sand and are served by routine swells that lure international surfers. Panama’s islands – including those in Bocas del Toro, the Gulf of Chiriquí and Guna Yala have some of the prettiest beaches in the country.