Singapore is a microcosm of Asia, populated by Chinese, Malays, Indians and a large group of workers and expatriates from all over the world. Singapore has a partly deserved reputation for sterile predictability that has earned it descriptions such as William Gibson’s “Disneyland with the Death Penalty” or “the only shopping mall in the world with a seat at the United Nations”. Known as a major financial center, Singapore enjoys a tropical climate Neoyachting is proud to count Singapore among its beautiful yachting destinations, a multicultural country where a change of scenery is guaranteed. Although modern, the country enjoys a rich history due to its colonial vestiges, it is the ideal place to come and moor aboard one of our luxury yachts. Today, with its independence, Singapore is one of the most prosperous countries and has one of the busiest ports. At the same time, the country is very committed to tourism, the environment and biodiversity.

Gardens By the Bay

You probably know the avatar movie, you liked it, you were amazed by the film set ? With its huge forests with an extraordinary fauna. Well Singapore has its own forest. It is a must to visit during your visit in the country. Visiting these natural spaces in such an urbanized city is a contrast as exotic as it is amazing. The visit is free except for the greenhouses which are paying. In the evening, admire the sound and light show that will amaze you and make you return to your childhood. This is a moment that you can share with your family and where you can take beautiful pictures for photography lovers.

Singapore Zoo

We continue in the line of ideal places for nature lovers: the Singapore Wildlife Park is a place where nature and urbanization combine in perfect harmony. Considered as one of the most beautiful in the world, you will be able to admire different endangered species, which helps to educate visitors on the state of the natural habitats of different species. No windows or fences, the proximity with the animals is real, an activity that will please young and old alike.

Singapore: luxury and pleasure

Singapore is not only known for its attachment to nature but also for its various luxury shopping malls. It is for this reason that the country is a popular destination for international stars. For those who love shopping, you will be able to enjoy long trips between the various luxury brands at The Shoppes in Marina Bay Sands or at the Mandarin Gallery. And why not charter a luxury yacht to berth near the coast and enjoy a shopping session before heading out on your adventure?

Sentosa: endless entertainment

Take the cable car or the shuttle bus to get to this temple of entertainment. Arrived in Sentosa, visit the magnificent aquarium very famous all over the world. Sentosa is like a huge amusement park, another world different from the city. However, this visit will please the whole family and is a guaranteed fun time.

The white sandy beaches

When you come to Singapore, you cannot miss the beaches, which are each as beautiful as the next. Fine sand, heart-warming sunshine, come and relax by the water’s edge. The Palawan beach on Sentosa Island is unmissable, with its activities for children, there is something for everyone. Always at the same place, come and moor near Siloso beach, for a day of relaxation and you may even be tempted by one of the activities such as bungee jumping. All in all, in Singapore, you will find all kinds of activities and you will leave with stars in your eyes.

When to go

March - June

High season

December - February

Yacht charter in Singapore is available for traditional, week-long itineraries as well as day-long cruises that are ideal for business and corporate events. The island nation boasts a skyline filled with jaw-dropping contemporary architecture that towers high overhead, and at night it looks almost like a fireworks display with all of its colors and neon reflections along the waterfront. You can find everything here from tradition to modern exuberance, including shopping for many of the world’s fineries. Several islands are within easy cruising distance of Singapore. In the Riau archipelago is Batam, where you can find a round of golf, luxury spa treatments and more. Also nearby is Bintan, a popular starting point for scuba-diving day trips. They are surrounded by many more islands where you can enjoy fishing, hiking and other relaxing activities. Yet another option is Tioman Island—a bit farther away to cruise than Batam and Bintan, but well worth the time thanks to its designation as a protected park. The marine life here is fantastic, and the inland rainforest gives the entire island a feeling of almost prehistoric beauty. A sea turtle and conservation society is here as well, if you want to interact with the protected species.