Yacht Charter


At Neo Yachting, we are extremely dedicated to making sure your yacht charter is specifically created and customised just for you. We take into account every detail to ensure a spectacular and incomparable experience for years to come.

Supported by 10 offices worldwide and 15 different languages spoken, with well over 30 years of combined experience in the luxury charter industry, our team will use the best of their knowledge and perception to translate all your requests into the perfect combination of an ideal luxury yacht, cruising area and itinerary to fulfil your needs.

We enhance our knowledge of the yachts we recommend by visiting them and getting to know their crews so that we understand their capabilities. Therefore, our clients can rest assured that all yachts have been qualified by our team prior to being offered to you.

Whether you are looking to charter a yacht for a week, weekend or less and if it’s a family holiday, a romantic break or a corporate event, we are here to present you with what you want and need.