Canada & North America


We sometimes forget that North America is full of fantastic yachting destinations, between its grandiose natural landscapes and historic cities! Well, not at Neo Yachting, as we offer you the opportunity to discover these wonders while comfortably settled on the deck of your luxury yacht, during a trip specially created by our team of experts.

Entertainment and historical culture

The most popular yachting region in North America is undoubtedly Florida. This nautical paradise, bordered by water to the east, south and west, is home to Fort Lauderdale, the yachting capital of the United States. A walk along the colossal harbor is obligatory so you can watch the equally formidable superyachts. You can also use Florida as a base and spend days sailing to the island of Bermuda, where fishing, swimming and relaxation make “island time” seem to pass slower than anywhere else in the world. Miami is also a prime starting point for yachts bound for the islands of the Caribbean Sea, where you will spend your days alternating between exploring the seabed and reclining on a sun lounger, cocktail in hand. When you are in Miami, whether you’re still on your yacht or have gone ashore, you can also enjoy evening parties at the city’s most famous clubs, where the best DJs have set up shop.

If you prefer history, the New England region is full of legendary waterfront cities, such as Boston and Plymouth, Massachusetts, where the first American pilgrims landed aboard the Mayflower. Let us not forget Newport, which plays host to the venerable America’s Cup race, and is sure to pique the interest of connoisseurs. The coastline here provides the perfect backdrop for a yacht holiday. You can wave at the typical cottages and lighthouses in the region, and you can stop in New York to sample the delicious food from internationally acclaimed restaurants…

The splendors of nature

Fancy getting an eyeful? Go west! For scenic grandeur, there is nothing like Alaska. Its glaciers and wildlife are breathtaking. The tropical beaches may be a long way away, but you will not miss them, especially when you can spot whales and grizzly bears. Here, the landscapes alternate between ice and mountains, and the vast spaces and the wilderness will make your eyes widen as well as broadening your mind and soothing your soul.

Canada for yachting

In eastern Canada, the landscape is more forested, even along the water’s edge, making it no less spectacular and picturesque than Alaska’s rocky shores. The waterways are almost endless when you are aboard your yacht… Starting with the 30,000 islands in the Georgian Bay, where pine trees spring up within inches of the water, this is a vast territory to explore. On this side of Canada, there are many routes through the fragmented landscape and canals that you can coast along, stopped from time to time by a lock. The coasts of Labrador will blow your mind when you see the icebergs –sometimes thousands of years old – drifting through its waters. The Bay of Fundy, meanwhile, is also home to the equally grand sight of minke whales, humpback whales and rorqual whales, among the world’s largest mammals. Much further west, you will find Vancouver, which is the departure point for many truly exotic yachting destinations including the Broughton Archipelago, Haida Gwaii, Desolation Sound, etc.

Is planning your yacht trip to North America making your head spin? Then tell us about your project, because our team members know just how to fine-tune your trip so that it ticks all the boxes. You will be back on land with stars in your eyes!