The Caribbean islands form a great arc, with the Greater Antilles to the north and the Lesser Antilles to the east and south, opposite the Central American coasts. They are the world’s most sought-after winter destination, providing holidaymakers from all over the world with lots of exceptional regions to explore. Chartering a luxury yacht in the Caribbean Sea is all about sailing over turquoise waters to the most luxurious locations, party hotspots or, on the contrary, to some of the most exclusive, jealously guarded destinations in the world. The Neo Yachting site is offering you a personal tour to visit must-see locations in the heart of the Caribbean islands.

No need to travel for days to find paradise

Whether you’re looking for a complete change of scenery, a totally different culture or sheer exoticism or whether you want perfect rest and relaxation with sunbathing and a cool drink to hand, there is a Caribbean island to suit you and fulfil your every wish.

Just over a hundred kilometres separate the Caribbean islands from Miami, making them a whole new world ripe for discovery just a stone’s throw from the United States. Some of these islands are sovereign states, and others are attached to various nations (the United States, France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands), so in the ports and towns you will experience a melting pot where island cultures intermingle with American, Dutch, French and English influences.

Between the Greater and Lesser Antilles, the U.S. Virgin Islands are the ideal first stop for U.S. travellers looking for a getaway near the States – as long as they’re looking for white sandy beaches, heavenly diving spots and cocktail bars that serve rum.

The northern islands of the Lesser Antilles, also known as the Leeward Islands, are a docking point for mega yachts on cruises. St Maarten, St Barts and Antigua have the largest selection of yacht charters in the world and our yachting service agency is ready to help you come up with a holiday programme aboard the yacht of your dreams, setting out from the prestigious island of your choice.

South of the Leewards, the Windwards Islands, with St Vincent and the Grenadines. This rather more unspoilt archipelago is a good choice for sailing enthusiasts looking for even more remote getaways, such as the Bequia and Mosquito Islands.

Beaches, forests, mountain peaks… and an incredible seabed…

The characteristic landscape of the Caribbean islands is not limited to white (or pink, or black) sandbanks, although this is undoubtedly one of its best assets. But when you’re talking about Caribbean scenery, you mustn’t leave out the lush tropical forests. They are full of colours, creatures and sounds that are sure to amaze visitors. Even the smallest islets are home to endemic plants and fascinating animals, perfect for experiencing on a yacht trip. Still on land, or rather above it, the incredible mountains never fail to impress. In fact several Caribbean islands have looming peaks or volcanoes, which can be climbed most of the time.

Last but not least, the Caribbean’s underwater landscape is also a real gem with plenty of variety and perfect for enjoying with a mask and snorkel. These accessories are always a standard part of the equipment aboard all the yachts managed by Neo Yachting. Our agents are at your disposal for any special request and to help you plan your stay in the Caribbean.

Getting to the Caribbean Islands

There are several island airports that welcome travellers from all over the world, and sea crossings from America are also popular. So it’s quite common for people holidaying in Costa Rica to arrange a few days’ getaway to the Caribbean islands on board a yacht.