Antigua & Barbuda


Antigua and Barbuda are located in the center of the Leeward Islands and the Eastern Caribbean. These two islands are part of the country of Antigua and Barbuda are rough diamonds in a very active and touristic area, In 1981, this region became independent as a Commonwealth Kingdom. It is the ideal place to get away from the traditional destinations and tourist complexes. It is an immersion in the wilderness. True bunch of history, you will find in these wonderful landscapes a rich nature and very diverse activities to practice. Our agency located in Nice, Neo Yachting, is here to offer you a new way of travelling, by charting luxurious yachts on our website.

The best period to come and warm you up under the soft sun is between May and November. What could be better at the beginning of spring than to come and revitalize yourself on these rich archipelagos. Neo Yachting aims to provide you with the best advice in terms of luxury yacht charter and we are committed to offer you the widest range of destinations.

Antigua: The Vestiges of History

Berth on the beautiful coasts of Antigua. With its expanses of blue water and warm sandy beaches, like Valley Church Bay, it is a great place to relax without being swept away by the dizzying whirl of the classical Caribbean islands. The land offers a generous nature, full of varied species and a very lush flora and fauna. Take the opportunity to discover it aboard one of our sumptuous luxury yachts let yourself be lulled by the beauty of the place.

Coming to this region means having the opportunity to practice sports activities to get a closer look at the island’s underwater treasures. A good session of diving/snorkeling or kayaking to discover Antigua’s mangrove swamps or hiking to explore the secrets of the archipelago.

Visit the capital Saint John. With its colorful village, you will be dazzled by this explosion of colors. A way to discover a little more about the background of this small island. A true glimpse of history, Antigua still retains the vestiges of the colonial era: Christopher Columbus berthed here in 1493 during his second travel. First colonized by the Spanish and the French, it will later become an English colony. It was here that Christopher Codrington founded the first largest sugar plantation. And in the 18th century, English Harbor, on the south coast of Antigua, was home to a large part of the British fleet.

Barbuda: Nature in its raw state

Come aboard one of our luxury yachts and admire Barbuda, a small island in the north of Antigua. Still very wild, its frigate reserve is larger than its population. There is only one village on this archipelago, a tiny church and modest huts surrounded by gardens. Like its neighbor, it was successively occupied by the Spanish, the French and finally the British in 1667.

This place is full of wonderful landscapes and expenses of greenery. You will have the leisure to spread your towel on the pinkish-colored sand. If you are looking for discretion and tranquility, this is the destination to choose to clear your mind on the deserted beaches of the archipelago. The waters of this island, very rich, are filled with reefs. This is the occasion to practice nautical activities such as diving to admire the richness of the seabed more closely.

Discover the Caribbean in a different way, with its various regions there is something for everyone. Here, the luxury resides in enjoying the calm and voluptuousness of the place. Enter in communion with nature and the richness of our Earth. Our teams are here to offer you your dream vacation in comfort and luxury, and on board one of our yachts, we make you travel differently.

When to go

May - November

High season

December - March

On Antigua, life is a beach. Its corrugated coasts, cradle scores of perfect little strands lapped by beguiling blue water, while the sheltered bays provided refuge for everyone from Admiral Nelson to pirates and yachties. If you can tear yourself away from that towel, you'll discover that there’s a distinct English accent to this classic Caribbean island with its narrow roads, candy-colored villages and fine historic sights. If life on Antigua is a beach, Barbuda is a beach: one smooth, pink-tinged strand hemming the reef-filled waters. Birds, especially the huffing and puffing frigates, greatly outnumber residents on this perfect Caribbean dream island.