The Grenadines


The Grenadines are an archipelago located south of the Leeward and Winward Islands. Discover the beauty of the Caribbean in all its magnificence.

The Grenadines are a chain of more than 600 islands and cays. It stretches nearly over 100km between the islands of Saint Vincent, further north and Grenada in the south, which share sovereignty. A true haven of peace, the Grenadines are the ideal place to sail a yacht. Paradise beaches, coconut palms, shellfish and crustaceans. A sun as soft as velvet that runs through your skin. That’s what we imagine when we talk about the Caribbean. This place has the ability to make people from all over the world dream. And what could be better than charter a luxury yacht to discover these magnificent archipelagos by the coast, to see the world in a different way, and to continue to make you dream during your vacation. Discover all our yachts for charter to visit these wonderful places.

Paradise beaches

The Grenadines are very famous for their crystal-clear waters, their white or even black sandy beaches. They are volcanic islands  with lush vegetation, with a great natural heritage and a marine and terrestrial fauna of incredible richness. Barth on the beach of Salt Whistle Bay which is the perfect place for yachts. Small in size, this beach is a very popular spot and offers a magnificent view. Sunbathe on the unique Buccament Bay beach, which is artificially covered with white sand, hiding volcanic black sand beneath. You will be able to admire the diversity of the marine fauna thanks to aquatic activities  like scuba diving. Or come and watch the sunrise during a sunset paddle session. This heavenly place offers activities for all tastes.

Main Islands

The Tobago Cays are a small group of islands in the Grenadines that are accessible only by sea. Here discover the Tobago Cays Marine Park, which aims to preserve the wildlife. This place is the last one to be exclusively coral and is separated from the other islands by a reef. Here the marine life is luxuriant. Moreover, this place is the unavoidable place for those who practice sailing. This is a great place for marine sports enthusiasts and nature lovers.

For a little more animation, come and visit the island of Bequia. It is the largest archipelago of the Grenadines. Very close to Saint Vincent and Kingstown, this place is ideal for resting. Brilliant sunshine, rocky and steep coasts. It is a touristic place but without being overpopulated, enough to find animation and discover the natural richness of the place. You can come here by the sea and dock in the city of Port Elizabeth to mingle with the inhabitants and discover the local customs.

You want to discover the authenticity of the Caribbean? let yourself embark on Mustique Island. It is a private island belonging to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. If you are looking for tranquility and serenity, sail to this paradise archipelago still preserved from the tourist horde. Here you can enjoy exclusive luxury villas and the hospitality so familiar to Caribbean people.

An authentic place

These islands are unique. And at NeoYachting, we offer you the opportunity to visit the Grenadines aboard one of our luxury charters yachts. This place is suggested among our vast list of destinations. These archipelagos are not like the usual big touristic areas of the Caribbean. Appreciated for their tranquility and calm, you can come here to revitalize yourself. Here, discover the authenticity of the Caribbean culture. Enjoy the island life while enjoying the rich nature. These islands are also ideal for a yacht vacation, on the one hand because a large part of the islands are only accessible by this means, but also because seen from the sea, you can appreciate the wild beauty of these rocky and volcanic islands. A mixture of beauty, luxury and history, the Grenadines will never cease to amaze you.

When to go

October - mid December

High season

Decembre - April

A paradise island in the Caribbean

The Grenadines became a lot more famous when the filming of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies showcased their beauty. Since then, tourism has increased but it thankfully hasn't led to overpopulation. This is still a prime yachting destination with unrivalled natural beauty and authenticity.