Central & South America


Central & South America has more varied landscapes and cultural diversity than any other place of similar size on the planet, making it a booming destination. These are places that are in full development and whose natural wealth and history make them highly valued destinations.

It is a tropical region with differences in relief, between the mountains, mostly volcanic on the Pacific coast, and the vast Atlantic plains. The history of Central America is marked by the colonization and the proximity of the United States. It is the ideal place to rest in a climate that is always warm, and temperate only when you are in altitude.

South America is gradually opening up to yachting: cruising areas like Angra Dos Reis (south of Rio, Brazil), the Magallanes (Chile) or Ushuaia (Argentina) offer incredible landscapes. Only a few yachts are based full time in these regions, but our team is following the programs of some Explorer yachts that include South America in their world tour. This is the time to change your vacation mode to discover these wonderful places with a new eye. You can find our luxury yachts for charter on our online yacht site.


Panama, which is located at the southern tip of Central America, is one of the destinations offered by Neoyachting. Very famous for its canal, which connects it to both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, this is the place to visit aboard one of our luxury yachts. With a multicultural mix of cultures and a stable political and economic environment.

Moreover, the Canal is not the only tourist attraction, as the country has many other assets, far from it. The country still enjoys beautiful colonial remains from the time of Christopher Columbus. Already at that time, the Isthmus of Panama was an important trade route. But the real jewel of the country is nature. Much less frequented than its neighbor Costa Rica, Panama enjoys the same richness in terms of biodiversity.

Apart from visiting the remains, you can also swim in the blue waters. You will be able to relax and rest in a touristic and attractive place. You will be able to practice all kinds of aquatic or terrestrial activities, there is something for everyone. When you choose this destination the keywords are: rest, parties, sunbathing and discovery.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is largely made up of volcanic soil, cloudy rainforests, large waterfalls and large rivers. This generous nature makes it possible to offer a variety of activities, such as rafting, windsurfing, diving, kayaking, fishing and surfing.

Visitors to Costa Rica can enjoy beautiful tropical beaches, lush wildlife, rich cultural heritage and nature excursions. Thousands of travelers have designated Costa Rica as their favorite destination. You will be able to relax on the large black and white sandy beaches, which are ideal for nature and sea activities. The Pacific coast is home to major tourist centers and its beaches are privileged, for example in Esterillos, and near the Ballena Marine National Park. It is the destination prized by international stars for its richness and tranquility.

The country’s biodiversity is impressive and you can participate in all kinds of tours to discover its riches. There are rather aerial routes to adore the species of migratory birds that come to migrate to Costa Rica, terrestrial routes, to admire the route of sea turtles that come to lay their eggs in the white sand of the beaches. But for the lovers of marine expanses, you will be able to come and admire the aquatic fauna and species such as dolphins. And what could be better than to come and moor on the wild beaches aboard a luxury yacht, or you can even consult our yachts for sale to buy your own.