French Polynesia


French Polynesia is a tropical, unspoiled overseas region of France composed of hundreds of exceptional islands, exuberant coral reefs and special bays. The exquisite marine life, the clear blue sea and the splendidly hidden beaches make this region one of the most perfect destinations in the world. Visit all the wonderful places hidden in this region and immerse yourself in another world. Come and bask under the scorching sun of French Polynesia between May and October, the ideal season to visit the country. There are so many activities to do and discover that will amaze you. Since French Polynesia is an ideal place for yachting, why not charter a yacht for a day, or for a full stay, to make the most of your vacation and discover the region from another angle?


You love yachting and want to enjoy a holiday on board a yacht ? Come to Tahaa Island! This archipelago, 4km from Raiatera, is only accessible by this means of transport. This small paradise composed of 8 villages will seduce you for sure by its calm and beauty. Its lagoon, very deep, allows boats to dock easily and go around the island without any problem. Tahaa is also called the vanilla island because it provides nearly three quarters of the Polynesian vanilla production and even offers an unmissable visit of a vanilla plantation. Take advantage of it, you can even bring back some vanilla produced there, and it’s a real treat for the taste buds! Enjoy the idyllic setting and rest under the burning Polynesian sun. You can’t miss the white sandy beaches that call you to idleness. Its UNESCO listed heritage will delight nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts. But water activities are still the most essential as the marine fauna is so rich.


When talking about Polynesia, the first place that comes to mind is Moorea. Called “butterfly island” for its unusual shape, Moorea is a must when visiting the region! The turquoise and wonderful waters of Cook and Opunohu bays call for nautical activities: paddle, snorkeling, diving … You may even have the chance to see humpback whales depending on the season. Show and emotions guaranteed, you will never forget these wonderful moments.


Tahiti is also one of the places to see in French Polynesia. Its little farés on stilts that offer you from the morning a breathtaking view of the sea and give you the feeling of being in paradise. Discover here the small local markets and meet the locals. For sports lovers, there are many hiking trails. It is a true natural haven of peace and one understands why the place is so popular with international stars. You can also indulge in numerous water sports. Discover Papeete in the north of the island: its market “Mapuru a Paraita” is open every day and will offer you a unique moment where you will stroll in the middle of its many alleys to enjoy the authenticity of this place. Tahiti offers many surf spots for those who want to feel the waves and learn this sport.


You can feel the wonderful smell of the islands just by pronouncing the name of this place: Bora-Bora. Its turquoise waters, its beaches as far as the eye can see and its lagoon which is known to be one of the most beautiful in the world! In short, paradise on earth. As everywhere in French Polynesia, nautical activities and hikes are available. On the island you will find several panoramic viewpoints and you can even observe vestiges of the second world war. The ideal conditions for yachting make Bora-Bora the place to go for a wonderful and unforgettable vacation. You too want to visit this paradise, visit our yacht site to charter your own and set out to conquer French Polynesia.

When to go

May - October

High season

July - August

A dazzling region of majestic untouched natural beauty, it is the perfect spot for travellers looking for luxurious experiences as well as rustic tranquility. The friendly inhabitants of this group of islands are always eager to assist and orient travellers and immerse them in their culture. A holiday that will surely be remembered and repeated given the quintessential quality of this nation.