New Zealand


New Zealand has three primary regions for yacht charter: Auckland, the Bay of Islands and Marlborough Sound. Auckland’s nickname is the “City of Sails.” A large percentage of residents own yachts and love to take part in regattas, day cruises and other sailing activities. For charter clients who love to sail, an Auckland itinerary is hard to beat.

When to go

December - May

High season

December - February

Bay of Islands, in the North Island, encompasses around 140 islands which are popular for sailing, big-game fishing, snorkelling and scuba diving with penguins, dolphins and whales. It has welcoming beaches as well as residents who are always friendly to travellers. One of the must see villages is Waitangi, which is the historical ground where the Maori natives and British signed the Waitangi Treaty in 1840. Marlborough Sound, in the South Island, is best known for its famous wineries where award-winning Sauvignon Blancs are produced. There are plenty of activities in New Zealand to make it an absolute memorable yacht charter holiday.