New Caledonia


New Caledonia is a French territory made up of islands in the South Pacific. Its wonderful landscape makes it a must for nature and yachting enthusiasts. If you are looking for endless beaches and stretches of white sand, this is the place for you. Between land and sea, it is a place rich in natural resources and still preserved from urbanization. You will be able to navigate easily between the different islands that make up the archipelago. Charter a yacht and don’t miss Noumea, the main island and not to be missed. Every year, New Caledonia attracts a luxury clientele thanks to its restaurants with typical French influences and designer boutiques. Immerse yourself in a new culture and choose between urban and rural. What is certain is that you will find what you are looking for.


It is the capital of New Caledonia, bordered by the ocean, you can enjoy the many bays that surround the city. Beaches and wonderful viewpoints are waiting for you. If you wish to revel in long days at the beach and relax, this is the place to be.

What characterizes the city is its cosmopolitan mix of styles and cultural influences. You can find this melting pot especially in your plates with French and Oceanian influences. The architecture and attractions also attest to the mix of culture present in Noumea. The capital is the active heart of the country, where you can enjoy many cultural activities such as visiting museums, art galleries and theater plays. Thanks to its rich cultural heritage, you will be able to appreciate all these resources and much more.

You can also admire the city’s colonial past. Although this kind of architecture is becoming rarer, some of it has been restored and preserved. For example, you can still visit the Hagen Castle or the old city hall of Noumea which now houses the city museum.

You can practice many outdoor sports in the city. Its maritime resources allow you to go snorkeling, windsurfing, or surfing. You prefer land-based activities? Try your hand at golf, tennis, or hiking.

Noumea is an active, lively city that moves both day and night. You can have a drink in the many bars, sway your hips in the discos. Do you want to go shopping? Enjoy a day of shopping in the sunshine in the various stores in the city center and the Anse Vata district. Here are 3 streets you must absolutely visit: rue de l’Alma, rue de Sebastopol and the Promenade.

Immerse yourself in the local culture

Going to New Caledonia without immersing oneself in the local culture would be a real shame. The people who live there lead an authentic lifestyle and live in respect of the environment.

You can take part in culinary excursions to really taste traditional dishes such as bougna, a national recipe. Many of them start from Noumea. You can also visit islands such as the Loyalty Islands. Kanaks participate in the various activities offered on the archipelago. During excursions, hikes or treks you will have many opportunities to discuss and exchange with them.

The beaches

How can you talk about New Caledonia without evoking the white sandy beaches and the sun that glides over your skin like honey? Their particularity is the impressive number of coconut trees that border them.

As the islands are surrounded by water, what could be better than to come aboard a luxurious yacht and rest on the beach for a day? It is admittedly one of the best yachting destinations and an excellent one for water activities. Come and swim as close as possible to the reef and discover the richness of the Caledonian fauna. It is a very popular destination for scuba diving enthusiasts. So, let’s plan the perfect route together, we will make sure to include the best yachting spots New Caledonia has to offer! Contact us to get started on your future yacht charter vacation.

When to go

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