Indonesia, with over 18,000 counted islands, is by far the largest and most varied archipelago on Earth. It spans almost 2 million square kilometers between Asia and Australia. Indonesia shares land borders with 3 countries: Malaysia, Timor-Leste and Papa New Guinea.

When to go

April - September

High season

December - January

Indonesia offers two primary regions for yacht charter: Komodo and Raja Ampat. Yachts are available in each region on a seasonal basis, with both destinations offering a wealth of memorable experiences. Komodo is best known for its local “dragon,” a large species of lizard that hunts birds, monkeys, wild boar and more. You can see Komodo dragons during a yacht charter—with a watchful guide by your side, of course—and then continue on to discover more of Komodo’s islands. One of its beaches has sand that looks pink, a rarity in the world and a beautiful photo opportunity. Underwater, you will find hundreds of species of coral, more than 1,000 types of fish and everything from giant turtles to manta rays. Snorkeling and diving here is like a dream. Raja Ampat is also a wonderland of underwater exploration, with Conservation International ranking it as the most biodiverse location on planet Earth. Coral colonies seem to stretch on forever underwater, creating snorkeling and scuba paths filled with schools of colorful fish. Nearly 700 species of mollusks alone have been recorded here, along with more than 530 types of coral. Bring your underwater camera, and prepare to be amazed.