A country guarding its cultural heritage and fragile ecology from the onslaughts of Western consumerism, the Maldives is almost exclusively a place for the package tourist. Despite most independent travellers’ worst fears, coming on a package offers the best value for money, the easiest organisation and generally promotes preferential treatment – this is the way the Maldives is set up and everyone from the government to the resorts prefers you to travel this way. Fully independent travellers (FITs) are a rare species but, with good planning this is an equally possible way to travel. However you arrive, you’ll find the same astonishing white beaches, surreal blue water and exceptional service.

When to go

November - April

High season

December - March

Malé is your starting point for a yacht charter in the Maldives, where a string of atolls invite you to explore for a few days or a few weeks. Because the atolls spread across a long distance, each one feels remote and special in itself. The Maldives are not like other island destinations, where yachts crowd into the harbors and cruise ships abound. Instead, the Maldives offer solitude and a sense of personal space— a true luxury in the modern world. The landscape of the Maldives is unique. Its average ground-level elevation is just 1.5 meters. When the sun sets and you look out over the water from your charter yacht’s deck, you see nothing but a sky bursting with rich reds, flame oranges and warm yellows. It is a view that cannot be found anywhere else, a reminder of just how special the Maldives are. Itineraries here can include visits to five-star spas and restaurants on a handful of the atolls, or exclusive and remote areas for charter clients who want the utmost personal privacy. The waters are warm and inviting, and the beaches are beautiful. The Maldives are a wonderful place to fall in love with nature.