Spain: Balearics


Spain’s Balearic islands have exploded in popularity thanks to recent changes in the law that allows the world’s newest, largest and most impressive yachts to charter there. In the past, options were limited, but today the Balearic Isles offer nearly as many yacht charter options as the French and Italian Rivieras. During the summer months, the Balearics are often the best place to be in the whole of the Mediterranean.

When to go

April to October

High season

July - August

Palma de Mallorca is the hub where most charter itineraries begin. Its historic architecture and meandering streets are fascinating to explore before your charter yacht sets sail for the other islands of the Balearics. Consider a ride in a horse-drawn carriage or a stroll through the Old City, where the streets are too narrow for cars to enter. Some of the historic buildings are so well-preserved that, at times, you have to remind yourself of the current year. If it’s nightlife that you seek, then your next Balearics stop is Ibiza—which is giving St. Tropez some competition as the hotspot for the young, rich and beautiful. Café del Mar and other popular establishments welcome top disc jockeys from around the world, and the dancing and parties go on well through dawn.