South Pacific & Australasia


For Europeans, the South Pacific and Australasia are literally the other side of the world. This is why so many Europeans would love to go there – to explore what makes these lands so special and to discover the exotic in its purest form. Travelling in this part of the world is much pleasanter on board a yacht, where you can stop off any time for authentic encounters and walks in the wildest locations. What could be better than heading to the other side of the planet to seek isolation, escapism and to rediscover yourself?

You would need a whole lifetime to see everything in this part of the world…

Luxury yachts sail in the South Pacific year-round, wintering in tropical islands such as Fiji and French Polynesia and the North and South Islands of New Zealand, to name but a few. Not only is the South Pacific and Australasia region far from everything, but it is also immense, lying in the middle of the oceans. They represent the perfect opportunity to charter a yacht managed by Neo Yachting and do a complete tour of the huge and fascinating land of Australia.

The island gems that dot the seas and oceans here are all settings for magical experiences. Go diving and encounter dolphins and turtles; meet the inhabitants who are always so friendly and eager to share their customs; learn how to drink coconut juice, water and milk the authentic way; sample dishes made using traditional techniques; simply enjoy unforgettable sights, which you’ll remember for years to come and ponder coming back… ».


As big as the USA or Europe (including the seas), Australia is as vast as it is wild. Of course, cities like Sydney, and its legendary opera house with its famous sail design as well as a skyline full of skyscrapers, will make you dizzy. And you are sure to want to explore the Great Barrier Reef aboard your yacht

New Zealand

The North Island is home to Auckland – the city of sails – where the culture revolves around the sea. Nearly one in three residents here participate in regattas, weekend cruises and other forms of yachting. The Bay of Islands, also on the North Island, is a resort destination with luxury spas, beautiful beaches and five-star restaurants. When it comes to the South Island, yacht trips can include the picturesque Marlborough Sounds, crisscrossed with channels interspersed with seaside walks and spectacular seafood as well as trips to internationally renowned wineries.


Between May and October, enjoy the best of Fiji’s 300 plus islands, a country with a truly authentic blend of cultures. The landscape is very much protected and unspoiled here, which won’t stop you however from savoring your yacht trip, which is the best way to explore this country, from its white sandy beaches to marine sanctuary diving spots.

French Polynesia

Polynesia is a place you simply must visit if you are in the area. It is a group of islands that forms part of the French Overseas Departments and Territories. Its capital, Tahiti, is famous for being the yachting capital of the region. And for good reason! You will be enchanted by the lagoons in every shade of blue located between each island. They are home to thousands of species of fish and other marine animals, each one more colorful than the next.

We could not let you leave this page without telling you about Bora Bora. This world-famous destination, which is very popular with boaters, has a reputation that is well deserved. It’s a location that is almost charming by design, with its faré bungalows – sometimes on stilts – with their little roofs made of palm leaves, the pandanus trees appearing as splashes of beige in the lush green of the tropical vegetation and the clear blue of the waters. Having become a mecca for the luxury lifestyle, Bora Bora offers all the comfort you could wish for on a sumptuous holiday so far away from it all.